Thursday, August 18, 2011

Can't Hug Every Kim

Things I Want Right Now:
Heber back.  I really want Heber back.
Gnocchi Mac & Cheese. That looks so dang good. 
An end to these d**n migraines.

Things I am Doing Right Now:
Watching my new beardie, Stanley Yelnats climb in his cage.
Laughing at "Can't Hug Every Cat" with Mom (the song based on the eHarmony Crazy Cat Lady. I don't care if she IS fake, it is STILL funny.)

What I Should Be Doing Right Now:
Cleaning my hermit crabs' tank.
Finding Newsies in my DVDs because BoyKid wants to watch it with Kimpossible (who he likes and she likes him. Aww, cute.  Wish it was Kiddo, though.  She is my FAVORITE Kim in his life.) on their date tonight. Actually, yeah... it's 7:30 almost. I will do this now.


A few hours later.  The date is going on downstairs, I am watching Burn Notice, playing on Pinterest... I still haven't cleaned the crab cage. Maybe tomorrow.

Today I went to Voc Rehab.  I don't know if they'll help me at all. But I am seeing.  As for my new therapist, New-Ivy, I just... okay, IDK. I am having the hardest time dealing with my new therapist. I had a therapist I really liked. She was like my friend. However, she has recently had a baby... and made the decision to leave her practice to be a full-time SAHM. So she transferred my records to her replacement. Which should be fine. New-Dr. is a good psychologist. She is also nice, personable, etc. Then we start talking about what I do with my free time/Critters 2 Go. She tells me "Oh, you have sugar gliders?! My daughter had one!" First problem... ONE. Second? The daughter is 8 years old. Gliders are NOT good KID pets. Third, "HAD." Yeah, she tells me "well, and they just DIE. I mean, like after a few months. How long do they live for anyway?"
Me: "15 years."
Oh, AND "and they stink so bad." Now, gliders DO smell, but mostly if they have crappy diets. Well, and the boys just stink to high heaven when they aren't fixed.
ME: "was it a male?"
HER: "Oh, I have no idea" she laughs, "like I said, they die so easy."
ME: "yeah, they have pretty specific needs, a really specialized diet, stuff like that." She blew that off pretty quick.

Okay, so she is still a good therapist, but the whole time I am stewing and seeing her as this lady who got an exotic pet after doing no research for her daughter who was too young to care for it and doesn't seem particularly sorry about it's early death due to, in all likelihood, incorrect care. Grumble grumble.

So, am I being completely irrational? The thing is, if she was some other doctor... I mean there is no necessity to click with your podiatrist! But someone who is supposed to be helping me with my emotional/mental health? It is probably petty, but I have a really hard time with the whole thing. 

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    Edit Anonymous said... No, I don't think 'clicking' with your counselor is petty. Depending on how much you trust the person, that is the level to which you're willing to listen to them, open up to them, etc., and that has a direct effect on how much you are helped by your interaction with them.

    And I am totally making that gnocchi mac and cheese sometime in the next few weeks