Sunday, August 14, 2011

Looking for a home for MOZE!

So, do you know of anyone who needs someone to play ball with?  Because I seriously have a pro fetcher here.  Steph's friend needed to find a home for their puppy Moze before they left for California and I, like the sucker I am agreed to do that. (FIND him the perfect home, that is... not BE that home.  Moze is a dog that NEEDS active kids to play with.  He is cute, funny, super active, and so in love with his ball it should be a crime.  The first night he cried all night.  The second we realized he didn't have his ball to chew on the night before... fixed that and he slept without a peep!

Moze is a terrier mix.  But he has this curly tail like a husky or spitz that is just ADORABLE.  He is a small dog.  I haven't weighed or measured him yet, but he is a small dog. I would guess he is more like a rat terrier, HOWEVER, not even a LITTLE snappy or bitey.  He is great around even little ones and "his boy" was a 4 year old.  He is hyper, but does calm down and cuddle.

MOZE NEEDS A HOME!  He needs a family who will love him and PLAY WITH HIM.  He's had his shots, but will need to be fixed.  There is no adoption fee for Moze, but potential adopters will be screened carefully... I already love this little guy a LOT and only want the best for him.

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