Thursday, June 23, 2011


It's not his fault, but Heber died at a particularly terrible time.  I don't JUST mean during my hardest final, so that all my concentration was on him and pretty much NONE was on the d**n test.  I mean it is the end of school so I have hours of free time.  I should focus on work or start quilling again because, my therapist today was right, I get a LOT sadder when I am not busy.  And I miss Heber so much I physically ache sometimes.  I don't want to go tomorrow to the All Things Animal Fair.  But I feel like I have to, not because I owe it to HerMajesty, my teacher who I got to lovingly chat with today, but because I owe it to sugar gliders.  If somebody comes to the fair that needs info on gliders, needs to know their diet, etc, I owe it to those gliders.  But it's going to be really hard.

Today's been pretty much a waste.  I had a meeting with my Dean... and HerMajesty.  I had therapy.  But then I watched hours and hours of Burn Notice, looked at hundreds of LOLCats, posted a little on Gaia, ate cardboard pizza and cold cereal, basically did little to nothing.
U luv me furever?  Right?

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