Saturday, August 20, 2011


So the family gossip...
1. My brother, BoyKid is pretty much done with Kimpossible.  She has a missionary and isn't worth the fight, apparently.

2. There is a creeper at My sister, Rinny's apartment complex. Rinny's roommate's bras were all stolen from the washing machine as well as some other girls' bras and swimsuits.  That is kind of amusing, but not as funny as her roomie's response. "At least they aren't my good bras.  They are just the OLD ONES I SLEEP IN."
Whiskey Tango... SLEEP IN?!  I realize that, though I am a girthy girl, I have almost no boobs.  So I actually debate whether an activity of the day warrants a bra at ALL.  But who sleeps in their bra?  Weirdo.

Today I went through a lot o my paperbacks and parted with a LOT of books.  I am going to have a massive garage sale soon.  Because I am basically letting go the MAJORITY of my possessions.  I feel like a monk.

A monk who talks about boobs.


  1. I used to sleep in my bra and some nights I still feel like I need it. *shrugs* It keeps the boobs from falling into your armpits as you sleep. Believe me, that hurts.

    Hi everyone now thinking TMI! *waves enthusiastically*

  2. Sleeping with a bra on? Guh! Sleep is all about comfort and freedom to me, and I have a decent-sized chest to 'contend' with. I vote 'weirdo'.

  3. eh i sleep with my bra on and always have. i got used to sleeping in a bra because i shared a room with my brother so it only makes sense to sleep with a bra on.

  4. How does ones boobs fall into their armpits?