Sunday, February 6, 2011

Post-Game Wrap -Up and Depression

I have been having a depressive thing.  Like crying most of yesterday... and last night... and today.  I hate that I am losing my house.  I hate that I am losing my mind. I hate it all right now.

Depression just... sucks.

I watched exactly NONE of the Super Bowl today, but I will have you know that the Orangutan at Hogle Zoo TOTALLY called it.  I actually fast forwarded through the game to watch the commercials.  None were that great, but way to go Kirby Heyborne for being in one!  Except I did like the House spoof on that old Coke ad.  Weird to think that I still remember that from when I was little. Man. I'm OLD.

I DID watch a bit of the Puppy Bowl, though. Is it silly? Yes. But it sure is CUTE!

I did go to church, though my head was really bad.  But it was good to be there and take the sacrament and such.  I wish it wasn't so HARD to go, though.  I cried during part of the meeting.  People probably just throught I was feeling really spiritual. I wasn't.  I was hurting a lot and feeling crappy.

Tomorrow I need to go to the pet store and pick up food for Baby Fable.  I also think I am going to buy a moist hide for Jack just like Clementine's.  It is so much nicer than the one I made for him.

Clementine's retained eyecap is not coming off.  I have been treating it with saline solution and mineral oil but no luck so far.  I just really hope it doesn't get infected.  I am so worried for her.

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  1. Glad you got to go to church. That is a good thing.