Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Active Culture

Watching Secretariat with the family. It's good, though I am not, for all my animal mania, a big horse movie person.  I am rather annoyed though at her family.  They didn't support her all.  Sad.  But happy ending, basically.

This past weekend was an interesting mix of BIG time pain and, ummm... culture?  My stomach hurts and my head hurts and it doesn't seem to be getting better.  The head thing... who knows.  But this stomach pain, well, I am going to the doctor again tomorrow.  It is so frustrating.  It's probably just my gastroparesis, but it sure hurts a lot.  I am taking some pro-biotics and eating yogurt with active cultures and such and it's just not covering it.  Besides that I am so tired I could sleep all day everyday.

But speaking more of culture, remember how Padre had some big surprise that was NOT Brian Regan?!  Well, it still wasn't.  But the Symphony was made fairly entertaining by having the show include singers and be "Wicked Divas."  2 Elphabas belting it out! One was actually who we saw in San Diego, so that was cool.  There were also some rather awkward moments like when they called out President Eyring in thr audience and calleed HIM a Diva.FUNNY!

Had a few minor melt downs.  Scholarships and stuff and then this paralyzing fear of WHAT ARE YOU DOING THIS FOR? ISN'T AN ETERNAL MIGRAINE BAD ENOUGH?  YOU THINK YOU CAN TAKE UP THIS WAY INTENSE STUDY? YOU ARE SO STUPID,

School is approaching.

SO is my vet home check for my USDA License to Critters 2 Go and then I am going full steam with that plan, too. YEEEEEEK.

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