Saturday, February 5, 2011

Moving home from home

This gum commercial just said "the average person has 28 first kisses." For serious? Is that accurate?  My dad was in the room and I said to myself, "dude. I've only had TWO." Dad said "WHAT?! You've have 2?"
"Yes! [PoetryBoy] and [Fresno]!"
"That's twice as many as I will ever have!" 
"For serious?  You only ever kissed Mom?"
"And all I'll ever kiss."
"Well, obviously. But still, 28?!"
So there you have it. For all my parents' talk about making out all over the place in college, Padre is more of a dork than ME.  And that's saying something.

After about a year of living at my parents' house, when school starts I am going to MOVING there.  It is so hard.  I know that sounds stupid.  What is the difference? 

The difference is that all this time I have had this thing in my mind "I don't really live here.  I'm just visiting. I'm going to go home when I get better.  Things will get back to normal."  But now... it's just too expensive.  I haven't been able to work, so my parents have been just letting me keep the apartment.  But school is going to cost us so much, my family needs the money for my place.  And any money I CAN make needs to go towards school, not an apartment.  So I am going to pack up all my stuff...

No, that's not even true.  I am going to pack up a fraction of my stuff and give a lot of it to DI.  Because there's nowhere to keep it.  I am not excited to go through my things.  I mean, I bought them all for a reason.  Why would I get something I DIDN'T want?!  UGH. I hate getting rid of things.

I just finished Marrying Malcom Murgatroyd, and am going to start a new book on tape to sleep to.  Not sure what yet. Oh okay, The Invention of Hugo Cabret It sounds interesting and yes I am totally judging book by it's cover,. Or, mostly, it's title. But whatever, at least I have an audiobook to keep me half-entertained during my insomnia.  In the bath, I am still reading (paper copy) Percy Jackson: The Last Olympian.

I admit when I go to the library for audiobooks I just pick out interesting sounding titles.  I have to have SOME noise to fall asleep to. If I fall asleep at all. Lately it's been after 5 am. :(



  1. So where is "there"? Salt Lake?

  2. Not sure where "there" is, Stef! My apartment is in Orem. My parents' house is in Orem. My school, Broadview University is, you guessed it, in Orem.

  3. Oh, I finally saw the "there." No, I have been LIVING in the parents' house but when school starts I will be moving in to the parents' house and out of my apartment.