Sunday, March 6, 2011

I'm talking about Sports. Next thing you know I will be talking about Charlie Sheen. I am so trendy.

Oh. Good. Crap.

I am not a basketball fan this year.  Okay, I admit it, I have been really into basketball 2 times in my life.  1. When the Jazz were in the finals in the 90s and we had tickets (I was way more into the hype than the game) 2. When I was dating Fresno (I was way more into the BOY than the games.)  But I am not a huge basketball fan.  On the other hand, my whole family are huge Cougar fans, and my dad is an INSANELY OBSESSED basketball fan.  So he has been crazy this season with the whole Jimmer thing.  Then the Brandon Davies Honor Code violation.

OHMYGOSH, Padre's world just fell apart.  It has been ALL anyone will talk about at our house and my dad has it somehow tangled with the church.  Like basically that Davies was to be blamed for big damages to the CHURCH.  Ummm... no unhallowed hand much?  But no, Padre thinks Davies owes the Church big apologies and that it is impacting the gospel in some way.

I don't believe that at all.  Repentance is between him, the Lord, and well a Bishop.  But it doesn't need a freaking press conference.  It is a sad thing, sad for the team, sad for the kid, sad for his girlfriend to be dealing with this all in public, but it's not our business.  BYU did what was right - they have an Honor Code and people who go there agree to it.  If you don't want to, choose another school.  The Honor Code reflects the our LDS beliefs.  But beyond that, I think Davies owes his "public" nothing.  He is a college kid who made a mistake.

Padre on the other hand, would basically rather kill off his family than let BYU lose their season.
Mom: "We almost got in an accident today!"
Padre: "I would take THAT over what HAS happened [w/BYU]" WHISKEY TANGO?!
Mom: "Uh David, we could have died."
Padre: "Well, not if any one was seriously hurt..."
Mom: "SERIOUSLY hurt?!"

*face palm* Scary, Padre. Scary.

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  1. The original windfall I observed on facebook was much the same tune and it made me very sad for Davies. Honestly, it's a big reason I needed to get out of Utah. Too many people think that other people's struggles are their business.