Saturday, August 28, 2010

no one like me (thank goodness for that!)

MyNigerian called me on my way to the doctor for the echocardiogram, when I was most scared.  By the end of the short phone call I felt happy and calm and was able to walk into the doctors with out bursting into tears when they did the IV. (I am not wimpy... okay I am not just wimpy, I am a very "hard stick" and my already difficult to find veins roll and retract like they have a mind of their own.) I just kept his sweet words and a few scriptures he quoted me running through my head through out.  He has been such a blessing to me.  He sent me this P-Square song awhile back, saying it was totally us.  It makes me smile every time I play it.

*SIGH*  Yeah, I am such a GIRL sometimes!  But MyNigerian just rocks.

I don't have any results yet so I don't know yet if I have a hole in my heart like mom did, or if I have some really random infection messing with my spinal fluid like West Nile or something, but they do know that my Spinal pressure was low,especially for a fat girl... I'm an 8, whatever that means.  And just that can cause headaches, so who knows what they will find but geez, she is testing everything.  "She" being my new Neurologist, Edna because she reminds me so much of Edna Mode on The Incredibles.  I know, I need a cast list just to remember all the nicknames in my life.  But my doctors are now usually:
  • The Witch Doctor - My very holistic approach General Practicioner
  • Edna - replacing Dr FTW as my nuerologist
  • Psych - my psychiatrist
  • Divya - my psychologist who reminds me of Divya on Royal Pains
  • Dr. YeahBaby - one of my Pain Management doctors
  • Dr. BreakfastMeat - Orthopedic guy I am not a fan of
  • PlayBroken - Gasto guy that is NOT my friend.
  • Bashful Dwarf - my other General Practitioner. Oddly, not short.
Anyway, so Edna also had me with an eye doctor (nothing there, very blind but very healthy eyes), and get an MRI and MRV.  So hopefully SOMETHING.  Because it has just. been. too. long.

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