Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Babbling about my furrbabies again (in AP Down style)

Today has been some major ups and downs.  My headache was NOT immediatley cured by Dr. YeahBaby's NP filling my head with meds till I had bulges on the side of my head that could pass for a Kilingon costume according to her.  THat was dissapointing to say the very least.  I basically broke down and bawled when my head began to ache again because I have had this migraine thing everyday for a month now with no relenting.  But it is feeling SOME better.

And I still have good distractions, like Ola who sends me the sweetest texts in the world.  I just wish so hard that I could get to Spain and we could be together. SIGH.  Why is Barcelona a bazillion miles from here?  WHY does the boy I love have to be THERE?  But still, I love him. And he still loves me.  So I keep pressing on and saving money towards that trip. (Wanna help?)  So far I only have, like $150. Yeah, I am kinda screwed. 

But I have other distractions too.  Like writing for money!  Grant it I think I have earned all of $1.08 for a few hours worth of research and writing, but STILL, I am being "published" in a way.

Yup, I am an "Examiner" now and excited to report on all kinds of things.... that fall under the heading of Utah and Exotic Pets anyway.  So do me a favor and read my articles.  They are NOT my blog, nor things I would write my blog about, except that I am always talking about my awesome critters whom I adore.  I know about those pets, too.  So it is a win-win. :)

One of those pets is Fable. He really is hilarious.  Right now he is in the tent, tipping over plastic bins and jumping on them.  He's CRAZY!  I love him.  I know, I've said that before. But it's still true.

Bratanik, my Russian Tortoise, is also entertaining me as he chews his greens meditatively, like a dinosaur.  I swear he looks just like what a stegosaurus must have looked like when they ate.  I love him, too.  And Tortuga begging like a puppy in his tank.

But of course, my babies, my sugar gliders are still my BABIES.  They get the most attention, the best food, and more pictures taken of them than a crazy cat lady's prize kitties.  They are so SMART! Smart and naughty. The other day I was really tired from these blasted headache and left the reptarium open.  Suddenly BoyKid yells "Hey, umm... Heber is in here at my computer?"
And he was, just running around on his keyboard asking for attention while I slept.  Luckily they are smarter than Fable, who hides under the TV stand whenever he escapes, because both he and Lilo came when I called them, and Nani who would NOT have come when called hadn't left the cage.  Silly babies.  They really didn't want to RUN AWAY... just to play.  I need to give them more attention.  I know, the mind staggers they could be MORE spoiled, but they should be!

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