Thursday, September 2, 2010


I hurt a lot right now, my head pounding too bad to even write articles.  Nothing seems to help.  My Echocardiogram was normal. So, yeah, that's one answer and 100 more questions.  MyNigerian is struggling, he has no money for next semester, and is getting kicked out of his apartment.  He doesn't have the internet at home anymore, which is the way we keep in touch.  I don't know what to do. About me, about Us.  I can't help him. He can't help me. But we both wish we could.

Tomorrow I have a family reunion.  I don't feel like going, but want to anyway.  I feel so... hopeless.  I am sick of hurting. Sick of worrying too.

Things are just not meant to be easy, I suppose.

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  1. Don't be hopeless, Kip. I know it is a challenge that you are both facing and I understand it.
    MyViking is in the same boat -- he's lost a job, may lose his apartment, no longer has the internet, and is feeling at the end of a rope. At the same time I'm dealing with the loss of my mom and a friend and an aunt in the hospital and some other difficult news.

    It is a struggle, but that is the way it goes. MyViking and I almost broke up over all this because sometimes it is easier to cut things loose. But we're still working at it.

    The economy has certainly hit other areas of the world harder than here, but really, life is always going to be full of challenges and obstacles.

    But we never win when we give up. I recommend you read Randy Pausch's book The Last Lecture. He talks about overcoming the brick walls in our life.

    Regardless, you are worth holding onto a relationship that blesses your life, no matter what it looks like or the challenges posed.

    Love you tons, hon. ~~ Prism