Sunday, August 8, 2010

I'm not an Expert, but I play one on the Internet...

Sitting in the family room watching Fable run around the tent like a mad man.  This chinchilla is HILARIOUS.  He karate kicks the walls and jumps randomly in the air and races in a circle around the tent.  He totally baffles the cat, Cali, who can't decide what he is since he looks like prey but doesn't act afraid of anything,  Fable is awesome. I love him. He makes me laugh as much as my gliders, even.  He has definitely become part of the family.

Other than that, I am writing.  Not a blog for a change, but an article about Russian Tortoises for Suite 101.  Still hasn't passed my editor yet so keeping my fingers crossed.  But at least they approved me to write... still waiting to hear from The Examiner.  I just want to WRITE.  Other than that, working on my little holiday project, Remaining Celebrate: The Holiday Nun

My headaches are getting bad, too bad to work through.  I am considering a surgery.  I just need SOMETHING to work. 

OH! My article just passed! Read it!  Sex, Lies, and Video Tape... of the Russian Tortoise  Woot! I'm a professional web writer. Hee hee hee! Yeah, not a GREAT accomplishment but still!  I am pretty proud. :)

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