Saturday, August 14, 2010

The one in where Kipluck has a social life.

Last night I saw some of my favorite people in the world.  Mali, StephAnn, Megan. Even Jakey, Really.  If we could throw Ola in there, too, (and get rid of the headaches for good measure) it would be like the coolest party ever.  I haven't seen anyone in forever.  Hadn't even been to Mali and Steph's cute, Ikea-laden condo yet till then.

Megan and Jake drove me because 1. they rock 2. my head makes it hard to drive safely 3. my head MEDS make it hard to drive safely.  Megs also gave me a BEAUTIFULLY crocheted (knitted?) blanket... for a doll... that is so soft I slept with it last night.  Yup, me and a blankie.

Anyway, we all talked, ate grilled pineapple and kabobs, watched Big Bang Theory. It was good.  Though the reason for the party was bitter sweet... saying goodbye to Mali as she prepares to go study animation in England.

What a crazy life. People get even farther away and busier. SIGH.

Plus SHE says she'll come back.  I kinda think she will just marry Thom and live there forever.  Which if that is what will make her the happiest, then she should do.  It's just, you know, my best friends become more and more unreachable.  I know I do, too.  I rarely get to leave the house.  How freaking social is that? Bleh.  Oh well.  GOOD LUCK, MOLLY!

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