Saturday, August 14, 2010

of head and heart.


It's been like a freaking month.  My temples are pounding and I am watching Covert Affairs and Psych with my mom while crazy Fable runs around like a grasshopper on speed.  He is SUCH a little boy in a chinchilla suit. But dumb.  CUTE, but just NOT smart.  He can not understand his exercise wheel and it took him an hour to get the ball.  Though it is really darling to see him walk in it.  He looks like a giant mouse.

Anyway, distractions are good, but they aren't really working completely. Nor is the muscle relaxant and Loritab.  Sleep doesn't help... nor does it come often or for long.  My temples... the back of my head... both feel like I may explode from the head up.  So I write.  Examiner's site is being sketchy but I am still writing there and Suite101. I also just WRITE.  Write here. Write in my paper journal. Currently it's the one with a Yellow Submarine cover, the trippy cartoon Beatles chillin' in the front.  I got it at the Mirage.

I want to go to Vegas again. It's been awhile and I need to visit the newest tigers, Mohan and Majestic.


I want to go. to. Spain.

THAT is my singular traveling goal.  Get a passport. Go to Spain. Spend some real time with Ola. I am almost 100% sure I am in true love with MyNigerian.  But we need to meet in real life to BE 100%.  And I need to know that.  WE need to know that.  Because if it's as true as it feels now, then, well, we want it forever. <3  Yeah, sappy but true.

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