Sunday, August 1, 2010

Blogging in the Middle of the Night

I can't sleep.
My head aches.
Ola's not on.
I have a yucky taste in my mouth even after brushing my teeth AGAIN.
Might as well write.

I am in the upstairs familyroom of my padre's house (now a 4squarable location), listening to both my keyboard and hermit crabs click away in the near silence of the night and inventing words like "4squarable."

In some ways living in 2 places (The Ark and The Padres) is nice, like when it comes to food (I usually don't cook for myself.  Too much hassle. Easier to just drink an Ensure or Adkins Advantage drink.), TV (The Padres have more cable), and help waking up in the morning.  But most of the time I just wish I could feel better in general enough that my parents would let me go back to the Ark and pretend to be independent.  I still pay my half of the bills with Roomie.  Bur the fact is where I am currently in both the economical and medical sense has being dependant on them and therefore I can't, fo instance, just DECIDE to move or take a trip or anything.

Though, it goes both ways. Part of the reason I am home is to help Mom.  We go to the pool together and such, and I help her drive (which is scary, even this long after her stroke), and do things she struggles with.  So it is not as if I am just leeching away, they really PREFER me to live here, at home. It is me who wants some space and to go back to the ark, all my animals in tow, and be back with the Roomie, her dogs, and her birds.

OH one terrible bit of news though. Kazuki, her ADORABLE Rosella Parrot baby just DIED with no visable cause!  She is heart broken.  I am sad too! He was a DOLL and he liked me enough I was going to try and borrow him for Critters 2 Go even!  It just happened. SO sad.  I know if any of my babies died I would just fall apart!  I cried when one of my 2 TOADS died and I have only had Clyde and Clive for a week or so.  And I wasn't handfeeding them everyday like she was with Zuki. :(

Okay, I think I am finally tiring out (I hope.). Maybe if I open my window and let some air in my stuffy little bedroom I can fall asleep so I can wake up for church tomorrow. That would be good.


  1. sorry you couldn't sleep.

    I still don't know where you go that I told you to sign up for 4 square. ;)