Saturday, July 31, 2010

Sleepy Saturday

Watching Jurassic Park and Pirates of the Caribbean with BoyKid right now while eating a diet Coke Float. Yum!  Hope it helps my head too. (the Coke... not the float... or movies.)  Maybe it will wake me up, too.  These meds are making me SO sleepy. 

So is, I must admit, being up at 4 in the morning with my gliders doesn't help much.  Last night they were so hyper (on par for my 3) it was making me laugh.  They are so smart, sometimes I forget how intelligent they can be.  They put ping pong balls in a row, collect barrel-of-monkeys monkeys into their sleeping pouch, throw food they don't like... those things may not sound smart as they are not trained behaviors.  But they show real intelligence... thinking. Not like squirrels as they might be compared to, more like a small primate like a marmoset.  And oh are they NAUGHTY!  But I love them.  They are my babies and mean so much to me. 

Though I must say I now consider Fable, the Chinchilla up there with them.  He is NOT so smart, but he IS cute and fluffy.  I love my little furrkids.  And then there are my tortoise, turtle, and, gecko... and then my hermit crabs, lizards, frogs, toad, and fishies.  I love them too, they just don't care much that I do. As long as they get food, they could care less who feeds them.  But I love them anyway. Hee hee!

I just wrote a sample article on bonding with sugar gliders for The Examiner.  I am keeping my fingers and toes crossed that it gets picked up because I would love to be a pet expert with them.  It's just an online paper but it's something. It's getting payed to write.

I am working on Remaining Celebrate, too. Not that that is anything more than another blog of mine, but I like the premise so I am doing it.  I like holidays.  It makes everyday more fun... which for me, means more LIVABLE.

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