Thursday, March 31, 2011

Minus 1, Plus 3!

Tinsel, my Asian Long Tailed Grass lizard is gone. He was such a good little lizard. He seemed so healthy just a day before then went down hill with in minutes. One hour before he died he seemed to want to dig under the rocks, weird for his normally arboreal ways. I thought, "huh, that's weird, is he after a cricket?" Then I came back just an hour after and he was dead. I can only guess he was trying to hide because he felt sick. I am heartbroken.

Here is the thing, I am mourning and wasn't ready to "replace" him yet at all but I have 4 Critters 2 Go parties booked next week ABOUT reptiles. I am not one of those big animal party businesses *cough*scalesandtails*cough* that has shelves of snakes and lizards to show. I show my turtle, my tortoise, my female leopard gecko (because Jack BITES)... and, SIGH, my ALTG Lizard, Tinsel, now deceased.

So despite not being ready, emotionally, for a new ALTG Lizard, guess what I did?

I bought TWO. A female and a male named Houlihan and Hawkeye. They are DARLING. Much much more skittish than Tinsel, so much harder to hold. But that will come in time. (I HOPE!)


I also bought a new green anole and named her Sprite.

So, while I still miss Tinsel terribly, and am not ready, really, to move on, I am. Suddenly. I just have to look at it like, well, NOT replacing, but filling a hole and making an EXECUTIVE decision business-wise. I feel like I am hiring the new lizards. "We have just suffered a loss in our family, but we need you to work for us...." 

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