Friday, April 1, 2011

Why the Long Face?

Last night I cried for a few hours straight.  I am just feeling really really messed up right now.  And scared and sick and just sucky.  So, I don't feel much like joking today, but...

April Fools Day Profile Graphics and Comments

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And that makes everything a bit more fun.  Especially online.

Gmail Motion  made my day.  ESPECIALLY the printable motion guide.
Then the job offer for  Autocompleter. HA HA!
Then pretty much everything at ThinkGeek (like the Arsenic-Based Sea Monkeys and the Playmobil Apple Store.).

The only April Fool's joke I actually FELL for  happened yesterday (DARN TIME ZONES!!!) when Mali announced her engagement. It's not my fault! It wasn't April 1st yet and she DOES have an awesome boyfriend after all.  Yeah, she got me.

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  1. Because of how many people started to fall for it, Thom and I decided to call off the prank earlier than we had originally planned. I hope we didn't make you too upset. It was really nice to see how many people actually support us.