Sunday, March 27, 2011

Okay THAT is a good one, Dad.

Sometimes me are not friends. At all.  But sometimes he CRACKS ME UP.

First of all, my dad is NOT the Bishop! Huzzah!  Yeah, Padre is not my bishop...

And I am SO glad. Basically, we have known they were about to call a new Bishop (very sad and hard for me because our Bishop is AWESOME.) and there was talk that it might be my dad. Now, I really do love my dad, but mostly just because he is my dad. We don't really get along. And I think he would offend a lot of people.

I know if he HAD been called, it would have been a calling from the Lord. But I have to say it would be a struggle with my faith.

Instead, he was just called as the Ward Clerk.icon_sweatdrop.gif So grateful.  
Anyway, he had to speak in Sacrament Meeting today, so BoyKid came to listen. He did great... all that I heard, at least!  Pain was really distracting me!

BoyKid and I came home early because I was hurting REALLY bad (better than the night before in the ER, but too bad to trust driving even the short distance to the house from the chapel.).  After feeling a bit better me and BoyKid were chatting in the living room, petting my cat friend Cali who was here on one of her daily visits, when BoyKid yells "WHO IS THAT?!"

There, on our wall, is a HUGE framed picture of some random family we have never seen before in our lives.  The frame had a freaking LIGHT.  And there it was, hanging in our wall where we used to have a painting of the Prophet Moroni!

We suspect my dad, but start to wonder if someone literally broke into our house to hang a picture of their family during church.  It was both hilarious and terrifying!  WHO DOES THAT?!

When Mom came home we asked her, "Where did this come from?"  She had no idea either but also said "it HAS to be Dad.  Who else would do that?  WHERE did he get that!?"

So Padre finally comes home and we ask him.  He admits he found it in a property he bought and the owners said "just throw it away."  So instead, he hangs it on our wall to see how long it takes to notice it.  "When did you hang it? This morning?"

No.  He hung it up on THURSDAY and we just now noticed.


  1. That seriously cracks me up. Man... your dad is freaking hilarious sometimes. :)

  2. That is really, really funny. Glad su padre no esta su obispo ;)

  3. Ha ha. I seriously lawled. I can totally see your dad doing that...I think he's done it at Sig Pro before.