Friday, March 11, 2011

On my way!

It has been a long, but very eventful day.  Right now I am just hurting (bad BAD Fibro day and stomach day too) and watching Monk and also watching Tortuga swim around in her newly cleaned tank with the filter WORKING! Woot! Everyone is so clean for the vet visit!

The first step to getting my little business, Critters 2 Go, to really take off is DONE! I am getting my USDA Exhibitor's license so I call be all legal and do shows with schools, etc. And today I had my vet inspection! It went AWESOME. My exotic vet had to come to my house, work with me on a written program of veterinary care, inspect the cages, the food, and do health checks on the gliders and chinchilla. She said the animals looked exceptionally healthy AND happy. The diets were all excellent, their coats were gorgeous, she just gushed.

She also gave me a LOT of good advice about my USDA inspections to come, gave me some new health logs to keep on a monthly basis. I also told her about starting my vet tech program classes soon. She spoke very highly of my school and said their program is excellent. 

So a very good start! 

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