Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Bird, Business deals, and the Red White and Blue

This past week I was playing mama bird to a little guy I called Pockets.  Someone gave him to the farm to raise... none of whom would take him on, so they gave him to me while I was doing Family Facilitation.  A tiny, bald little thing who I fed every 2 hours for a week before I got really sick.  The parents blamed Pockets. I disagree with them, but regardless of WHY I got sick, I got REALLY sick and was in no position to argue nor to take as good of care of my baby and THEY wanted him GONE. As in they were talking about killing him.  But the Roomie was our hero.  She took him and got online and found him a forever home.  The lady drove all the way out from Nevada to adopt him and just loves him to pieces.  Now called "Phineas," he is doing very well.  I will miss him but am very happy for the darling little starling.

Also this past week was Independence Day.  So yay, family holiday times.  No, seriously, it WAS fun.  Went to Stadium of Fire at BYU on Saturday, which was cool, though I still felt sick. 

Then Monday 2 things... Went to the VERY good Toy Story 3.  I loved it!  But before that? I met with the Marketing Manager of Jumpin' Jacks about doing Critters 2 Go parties there.  The meeting went REALLY well. They were very nice and the partnership seems like a situation beneficial to both of us.  They will link to my website, schedule me THROUGH me, have a specific Jungle Room, and will pay me the amount we talked about, etc.  And I have to admit it was just cool to have a real BUSINESS MEETING about Critters