Tuesday, July 20, 2010

MoTab, Baby!

On Friday,  after work I went to a Pioneer Celebration Mormon Tabernacle Choir concert.  It was really good.... but most of the time my mind was on Ola because 1. he would have loved the concert 2. he is a modern pioneer 3. it is his DREAM to sing in the Choir (and I think he SHOULD). 
Yeah, I am still smitten.  Smitten but discouraged.  I am in love but don't know WHEN I will see the boy I love.

Today I talked to a VERY nice guy at the pool... he was so friendly and cute, too.  But he had a ton of tattoos including one of a a rebel flag (which doesn't have to mean anything bad)... and a huge one of Hitler (hard to mistaken THAT meaning).  I had to wonder, 1st of all, why he was so nice if he was a NAZI, and 2nd of all, would he be so nice if he knew I was totally in love with a black guy? Huh.

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