Friday, July 30, 2010

Quilling Me Softly

Still recuperating but hopefully on MONDAY I will be back to work!  It is Magician Laboratory and we will be teaching the kids all kinds of magic tricks. Fun stuff!  Plus I am tired of being stuck at home with either pain or meds from pain.

I am working on my distractions.  At present that is quilling, writing & researching, Ola, and needle felting.

Quilling is fun and turn out looking cute.  I have made a few for my family to give to people and I am planning on selling some on Etsy under the name Quilling Me Softly but I am still working on that.

I like to research things and learn so I have applied for 2 things.  One is to be a KGB "special agent" answering questions people text.  I passed their test, but I have to wait for a training class to come again. Bummer.

The other is writing for the Examiner.  I have sent in a sample article about bonding with sugar gliders because I could see being a pet person for them.  We'll see how that goes.

Ola is amazing.  I was feeling sad and hurting and he wrote another sweet letter, but with a cute song at the end.

DANG but I LOVE that boy!!!

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