Friday, February 5, 2010

SO the TaD thing I did today, check it out I got REAL DOMAIN NAMES!  granted there is nothing much THERE yet, but the addresses, yeah, I OWN them. Booyah! AND are both mine, al mine! BWAHAHA!

Steamed Cabbages is just my little doll decorating venture and I am on my own on that so it looks about as cool as it is going to minus the pics of the dolls because, well, the dolls themselves are not done.  But Critters 2 Go I have a PRO/best friend Steph helping me on so whenever she gets time it is going to look freaking awesome.  Until then, my site is still just made by amateur me.

I also cut one of the dolls' hair (I think she will be an Engineer type) and decided on the riding clothes for The Gentleman.

And took a nap with Cali the Cat.

So, yeah, productive-ish day. :)

p.s. I think I have a crush on a Nigerian guy in Spain. <3

1 comment:

  1. Hehe, that is so sweet BethAnn! I look forward to seeing your offical Critters to Go website and some Steamed Cabbage!

    You are going to have to give me the DL (down low) on this boy you like!