Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Shows Must Go On... even at 29, Rinny. Happy Birthday.

Last night was Rinny's birthday and so we went to a show at Desert Star.  It was Twi-Lite a spoof on, obviously, Twilight. HILARIOUS!
The day before though, we went to a performance my sis Rinny was IN.  It was called Why We Tell the Story a scholarship benefit in honor of Sid Riggs, who died a few years ago.  A lot of the Drama folks over the years that I have known (mostly through Rinny or else I went to High School with) were in it.  I went with my padres, BoyKid, and my friend Pepper.  It was fun seeing so many people from high school.  Like Bethany said "like a high school reunion I actually enjoy!"  But it is bizarre to think they are tearing it all down.

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