Thursday, February 11, 2010

T-a-D for the Short Bus Set

Remember that whole Thing-a-Day thing I was talking about before?  Steph is doing it?  Well, I was thinking about it some more because I thought it was such a good thing to keep ME motivated and DOING things.  Only it really is meant to be CREATING things.  Which is usually what I do anyway... at work, or with Critters 2 Go, or whatever. "Make" things.

But sometimes doing ANY thing in a day, creative or no, is an accomplishment.  Between Depression and Fibromyalgia and Gastroparesis sometimes it is hard to squeeze in a THING at ALL.

Today I am proud that I:

* Went to the pool, and exercised at least a little

*Took my mom to the Sunflower Market

*Picked my clothes up off the ground.

*kept living.

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