Thursday, February 11, 2010

Aspen and the Rainbow Bridge.

Thing-a-Day: made a little page for the Worm stuff I am doing for 6th Grade Outreach feild trips at work... amd for selling Hissers.  I know this may freak you out but I have people WAITING  for this newest batch of hissing cockroaches to get to be "teens" and the right size for feeding to critters like Sugar Gliders.

Speaking of sugar gliders, mine are barking at me right now.  They are so funny.  Heber pops his head up randomly from the pouch around my neck just to see if I am doing something that SHOULD involve him, then goes back in when he sees I have no treats or feathers to play with.  Today the first glider my sugar glider "mentor," my friend who first welcomed me into the sugar glider community and answered my questions, ever had, passed away.  She was 13 years old.  My girls are about 7, Heber is a couple years older.  So she was an elderly glider, and certainly had a great life with Amy.  But I mourn with Amy, who has been such a good friend to me, and say goodbye to Aspen.  I believe in life after death... and I do not believe our Heavenly Father would be much of a God worth worshiping if He didn't include our dear animals in that.  I believe Amy will see Aspen again.  But I still can't imagine her hurt.  If it were Lilo, Nani, or Heber and I... I would fall to pieces.  Rest in Peace, little Aspen.

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