Sunday, February 14, 2010

Married Boy[s that are my best]friends

I don't remember ALL birthdays. I am awful with numbers. But when they coincide with a holiday, it helps.  Parker was born on Lincoln's Birthday.  Lil' Jeppson was born on Boxing Day.  So a couple days ago I texted "Before I forget! Happy Birthday, Parker!" NOT expecting much response as he is not much of a texter and is busy being, you know married and a dad and stuff.  But he called me last night!

"HOW did you remember my birthday?!"
" You were born on Lincoln's Birthday.  Lil' Jeppson was born on Boxing Day."
So we chat awhile. Most of it, same hilarious randomosity as always. When he was talking about rubbing his wife's back to help her sleep, a little awkward.

I have plenty of friends who are married, most of them, even.  Boys too, though I guess the difference is I am friends with both the wife and hubby.  I LIKE Risa, I mean we know each other but not well at all.  I just like her because she is cool with Parker staying friends with the Fringe.  And she seems nice.
But I guess just that difference makes it awkward.  Because it's not, like, a romantic interest or anything (which would make it MORE than awkward) as Parker is like my little brother... LITERALLY.  He is freaking awesome and has the same 1st name, and Jeppers and Parker were our Mission brothers. And we really WERE their SISTERS. hee hee!

But still... Lock-heart Love that kid to bits.

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