Monday, October 27, 2008

Super Friends and Wandering in the Desert

Friday was pretty awesome as as a fairly last minute thing I got to go up and play with CC in honor of her birthday. YAY! It included CC, Mali, Kami, Scooter, Zach (one of the DesignBoys), and 2 Roomies that I can't remember names for, and Me going for garlic burgers at Cotton Bottoms (it's a bar, but ALL of us just had Cokes. Well, all in our party. Not all in the bar. But that would be a bit much to ask.)

Then we went to Fat Cats and after deciding not to bowl we played in the arcade. Mali was, of course, DDR queen. I played Scooter in air hockey at least 5 times. And yeah, he creamed me mostly. CC and Kami mostly did ski-ball and won Superman tattoos with their tickets. They were just plotting to stick them on their boobs when they let me in on their secret society, too. So I went and got ME some super cool tats as well. ;) YAY FOR SUPER BOOBS! I have such awesome (and awesomely dorky) friends.

I admit, I am not nearly as good as making friends as I am at TAKING them... borrowing my friend's friends. But I love my friends' friends.

Not remotely related, but moving onward and... DOWNWARD... I am totally sick today. I have had a cold the past little while and I went to the doctor this morning fearing a sinus infection. Well, yeah, I was right, but the doctor was worried about some other things, like me being really tired, and weak and flushed and stuff, and he did a blood test and the infection had shot my sugar up high and once I was home he called me rather quick with my results.
Ketoacidosis. He told me if I didn't want to go to ER I had to stay in bed, drink a LOT, and use the fast acting insulin to get regulated and FAST. Basically I feel like crap because my stupid body seems to think I am lost, wandering in the desert. Therefore I am weak, dizzy, dehydrated and burning up my muscles instead of carbs or fat. My muscles are cramping up from lack of electrolytes and all that. Yes, my body is STUPID.

And yes, that Superman is TOTALLY singing Karaoke.


  1. Eek...hope you're feeling better!

  2. Lameness. And dang it, Superman and Karaoke is a frightening thing.

  3. I've always wanted to go to The cotton Bottom, my favorite movie of all time has a blip at CB in it.