Thursday, October 9, 2008

My Heart: FOR SALE

I got a call today. Josie is being sold. Many of the babies were sold together, cheap, and maybe as meat. WeatheredLeatheredFarmLady called to let me know she had saved Josie aside for NOW to offer her to me first.

I said yes. I will buy her.

YOU guys know I can't have her.

Where would she go? She is so loud... and so, well, ILLEGAL. But she is MY LITTLE GIRL. I can not let someone take her who will not keep her as a pet.... preferably a wonderfully SPOILED one. So here it is. The KSL ad for my "daughter"... it's like giving her up all over again.

Oh, and also, speaking of Josie, this cracked me up... I was looking for something about work (Oh, about Rinny. Because she is on TV for a few minutes every other week at least right now. Wednesday Mornings every other week on channel 14 at 10 am I think... and then on Good Things UT on 4 or 5 whatever channel that is, randomly. But Yeah.) and randomly saw a picture in some strangers blog of Josie Pie. Made me proud of her.

p.s. look at the pictures on my ad. The captions are awesome. They are for Josie. Because SHE is awesome. The best goat EVER.

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  1. Awwww. . .I want to take her for you but I can't either!