Saturday, December 22, 2007

Viva... Henderson.

Hey! I am just borrowing my uncle's computer right now to check in... I can't check often because they have DIAL UP. Seriously? Dial Up? Who has that anymore? So pretty much I am taxing it to it's limits just being here. I think I heard the mouse whimper in fear when I came in the room.

At present I am BOOOOOORED! Because we have been in the car for forever (my dad is not a fan of potty breaks) and finally got to my Aunt and Uncle's house and they are gone and even took their DOG with them. And even though we are in "Vegas" we are really in HENDERSON in a retirement neighborhood so pretty much there is not much to do with out a car.

Okay, it is better now because they do have a Jacuzzi that we got up and running while Rinny and Padre went to the Las Vegas bowl. They are still there. And I am still frozen. The hot tub is nice, but considering the pond next to it is covered in thick ice, well, yeah... not exactly swimming weather. Still, it is better than nothing and I am hurting pretty bad right now.

Anyway, yeah. Peace.

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