Saturday, December 8, 2007

"I am serious. And don't call me Shirley!"

Yesterday here it rained all day. No snow, just rain. Today it has been snowing non-stop. Worse for driving, but better for the Christmasy atmosphere. And it IS pretty... BUT it is bad enough with our driveway and hill at the padres we MAY be snowed in by the end of the day. Interesting.

Rinny came over today and gave me 2 paychecks and a Christmas card and gift card from TGP, like FROM the company. COOL! The checks were, well, nothing (hard to make MONEY when you can't WORK, like ever), but the gift card was for 50 bucks! Weee! Now Padre is fighting with Rinn because she wants to leave and he thinks she should stay... like, the NIGHT. Already I am not going to be able to feed the babies tonight. I will need to call the Roomie and ask her to do it for me. Bummer.

Boys are still a welcome distraction. Mostly ArmyBoy. He is a very interesting guy. I want to find out more about him. But I am bad at asking questions. Like I probably should just find a good survey and just ask one of the questions each time. Like just to give us random things to talk about, you know? He really is VERY cute. I admit, I am still missing Fresno. I guess I am rebounding, kind of. But I am not thinking serious right now anyway. We just started writing (but ARE writing a couple times everyday), and besides I need to figure out my OWN dumb medical life. Boys are just a happy little distraction... unless, you know... it becomes more than that, but after a LONG time. Because DANG. I can't handle real stuff. Probably. Maybe. But he IS cute. And nice. And likes me! (And, CC, we talked about the liking chubby girl thing and I am okay with it, because he has chilled on that, apparently, in matters of health. ANYWAY, yeah).

OH, and the dumb ones are funny too! After I wrote to Mr. Nitty Gritty saying sorry, but language barriers would likely prove too difficult, have a great life but I was not interested, he STILL wrote back! HA!

To: kipluck
From: lademmie
Subject: am tripping for you sweetie
am confidence all about you, and am down on my knee is to be with you in wat 'er part of the world please tell me how is it gonna be possible? pls am waiting sweetie what's ur idea?

Wow. Yeah. "Special!" Ya gotta laugh at the awesomeness of that. Because, well, the REST of life (ie: pretty much everything OFFline) right now sucks rocks. I am waiting for results from that MRI, but I admit I am pessimistic about it because I have a hard time believing ANYONE will find out anything that will help me. Nobody has so far, why would they be different, you know? *cries* I do NOT want lupus or anything, though. I am going to do this and hope they have SOME longer lasting pain control than dumb Loritab and dumb Percocet... then find some internal medicine specialist who can find out what's wrong with my crazy Sed Rate.

Right now I live from pill to pill, and try to distract myself. Today I watched Airplane (always hilarious!), 8 Crazy Nights (weird.), and now I am watching Bewitched (I love it. Will Ferrell kills me.). Also playing on Gaia... and chatting on Mingle (obviously *blush*)...

Yes, very productive.

It is STILL snowing. And I think I am going to go take a bath, after I take another pill. Because I have been writing this blog off and on all day and it is time to do so. Peace out.


  1. "Special, like 'stop-eating-the-paste' special?"

  2. hee hee... that is an OLD picture of ArmyBoy... ask him for a new one!!! ;)

  3. I know. There is a this year one, but I don't like it. It has scary tanks in the background and a helmet where you can't see his face very well. So I did THAT one. hee hee!

  4. Aw. I kinda miss him.

    Or boys in general. Dumb, dumb buttfaces.

  5. ARMYBOY? is that someone I should know?

    And I *heart* Bewitched!!! I watched it last weekend, all curled up in bed with pillows and quilts and french's fried onions out of the can ... maybe i shouldn't admit that last part.

  6. No, he is fairly new on the scene... MINE anyway. RANDOMLY found out Steph used to write him before I did. Small world? Weird. Anyway, he is not REALLY, like a mutual friend.... just a... separately acquainted quirk.

    Because apparently he has REALLY awesome taste in girls and who should be considered funny and cool?

  7. aha, so he's not someone i need to beat up ... yet ... *still wishing I'd gone to Fresno*

  8. You are watching some good movies. I feel motivated to go find a good one myself. :-)

  9. "Lupus! Is it Lupus?!"

    Wow, new boy on the prospective dating front...exciting. And I feel behind the times...sorry about that.

    But you seem more upbeat, which is totally awesome. And Airplane...hehh..."Guess I picked the wrong day to stop licking frogs!"