Sunday, December 23, 2007

Depression: You DON'T leave home without it!

So, I am getting ready for church and borrow some "alergin reducing" shampoo, which I hastily interpret to be, like, super hypoallergenic non-scented stuff because the Aunt Idaho J is basically like me in that department. I washed my hair and then re-read the bottle thinking "wait, what?" Yeah. DOG SHAMPOO. So now people will not be allergic to my head so much. And it protects against matts and burrs... oh good. HA HA! I was worried about that. HEE HEE HEE!

Church was... frustrating. Sacrament meeting was VERY pretty singing, especially one song that really just made me think about Mary's role as a real MOTHER. But my side pain and headache were both bad, and Padre insisted we go to Sunday school too. So we are sitting there, and suddenly Mom looks over and is like, No, [Kipluck] is going home and drags me out. I told her I COULD stay, but I WAS hurting really bad. So we went home. I took pills, a nap, then had a little bawl session about church, myself, and why can't be better - your basic Depression break down. That was like an hour or two and ended with me locking myself in a room and crying awhile, while wishing I was home and not here.

I really wish I could leave stuff like THAT at HOME.

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  1. At least it wasn't my dog's Whitening shampoo! He is already hypoallergenic so that's nice.

    Hope the rest of your trip went well!