Sunday, June 19, 2011

Cats and Dads

Today both my arm and head hurt really bad.  I went to church with the family, but didn't stay very long.  Instead I came back and found my friend, Cali, waiting by the door for my return.

Cali is a cat.  She is not MY cat.  She belongs to our next door neighbor, if anyone.  They got her fixed, got her shots, but after that, Cali is just let to her own outside.  She is basically feral, but over a long time we have become best friends.  She comes into our house, walks around, sometimes hides.  She often won't let a soul pet her, and don't you DARE try to pick her up.  You'll get bit for that.  But when SHE feels like it, like today, she will come cuddle up next you, moving and positioning your arms around her like you are holding a little baby.  She is the weirdest, awesomest cat.  She gets to you.  My dad, self-proclaimed cat HATER and dog tolerater, loves this quirky cat. 

I really do feel like we are kindred spirits, Cali and I.  Even though she is a cat, she is one of my best friends.  I probably should not admit that. Hee hee hee!

But today is not Catter's Day. It's Father's Day.

And despite all the times I am pissed at my padre, he is a good dad.  He is funny.  He holds his priesthood worthily. He puts up with my animals in the house.  And, for better or worse, Padre is MY DAD.  He is part of who I am.

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