Sunday, June 12, 2011

"Your Dream Stinks." - Tangled

With my headaches, fibromyalgia, and financial situation, I just really had hoped so much that going back to school would be a change in my life, a change in the right direction.  I had hoped I would finally feel I was going somewhere and feel like I had, well, HOPE for the future.

Right now, though, I feel so up in the air, so discouraged, I can't stop crying.  Besides I keep crying because I hurt.  I may or may not be withdrawing from most... or all... of my classes next quarter.  A lot relies on what the doctor says after this NEXT MRI.  Yes, another.

1st MRI showed that I had a problem with a disc in my spine... not a slip, but a tear in the disc.  But then he decided that it seemed my pain was really mostly coming from my shoulder so he ordered ANOTHER MRI, this time of my shoulder.  That's tomorrow.  That may mean surgery... which may mean not going back to school after the summer break.  If I CAN go back, like if there is no surgery then maybe I can at least only go back to non-physical classes.  No lifting animals, restraining them, nothing hands on.  Basically nothing GOOD.


I need to feel happier.

(A little motivational speechitizing for me... they should hook up and go on the road, those 2!)

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