Sunday, December 26, 2010

Yawning in Technicolor

Happy Boxing Day! Happy St. Stephen's Day! Happy any other holiday today which we also likely don't celebrate!  I do like holidays.  Not that today was much of a holiday compared to, well, the holiday.  I was too sick to go to church so I did oh-so-productive things like watched a lot of NCIS with my new leopard gecko, Clementine.  She is fantastic so far. P.S. I want to BE Abby.

Also, BoyKid cooked some pasta and sauce for us. He is GOOD. That time in Italy left him mighty talented. I couldn't keep dinner down, though.  Gastroparesis has been BAD lately. I throw up after most meals.  It's like I am bulimic, but physically so.


I am tired of my head, my stomach, everything about me really annoys me.

So random thought about my blog.  Awhile ago I wrote that I didn't know who really read me. And that is okay, I write mostly for myself.  Well, Christmas Eve, my aunt said SHE reads and was wondering if that bothered me. It totally doesn't.  I am happy to hear that I get read.  Granted, it weirds my mom out to read me because she thinks I am too mean about some people and that I shouldn't write about them, even if I DO call them by code names.  But as long as you are not offended by what I write (knowing I am a sarcastic brat. Hee hee! And basically tell the truth as *I* see it, therefore it is all just my opinion.) READ AWAY!  And that includes you, Aunt Clare (who does not have a code name mostly because I don't have any secret stuff about her and her name is short which are the 2 reasons I do it.  That and I like code names. I mean even my brother will forever be BoyKid.

Anyway, tomorrow I need to go to the pet store and get a lot more crickets, since Tinsel, Mab and Oberon eat them but now so do the geckos, especially Clementine who is no fan of mealies yet.  Also I am going to take back the basking lamp for Clementine becuase it is just not working for her. She doesn't NEED UVA/UVB rays, she is nocturnal, but what she does need is HEAT.  Also to the post office where a big order of mealies is waiting.  My mealworm farm needs some revitalization so I am adding a bunch to it.

Good deal.  Gotta take care of the critters! They are my life. They are my kids. :)

Also, I am going to write an article for the Examiner about the book A Room with a Zoo.  I just finished one about live nativities.  I am really liking writing for the Examiner.  I make about $40 a month when I do it right.  That's not exactly an income, but when I am feeling to crappy to work it at least pays for some Pet Society Gold and some online supplies for my gliders and stuff.  It is better than nothing and I get to say I am a published writer.

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