Saturday, December 4, 2010


Still sick. Still eating (well, DRINKING) chicken broth and saltine crackers and watching old movies (tonight it's Mr. Mom.). BUT a few things that are fun...
  1. I got my "Capycopy" of CAPLIN, the world's most famous Capybara.  It's SUPER cute, as is HE.  SIGH.  Someday I will have a real capybara, if I can help it.  But until then, I will have every thing Capy I CAN.
  2.  My new (to me) phone came today! FINALLY.  It is a BlackBerry Curve 8900 and I am so excited.  Mostly, IT WORKS which is more than I can say about my current phone all the time. But also I can use it like a PDA, so yeah, I am psyched. Also nice that I got this 4 hundred dollar phone for under 100. :)
  3. My gliders and chinchilla are cracking me up.

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