Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Lizards and a Collection of Gift Cards

It's Christmas!  Our morning was very fun, everybody in my family was far too generous to each other so there were lots of fun presents to open.  I got a new basking light bulb for Bratanik, The Last Olympian, Sorcerers and Seers, a necklace with a little Liahona on it, a bunch of gift cards, Toy Story 3, Mork and Mindy season 2, a punch ball froggy, a cute hat, Scrabble Slam, and a bunch of other little things. 

I ALSO got 2 things before Christmas - Tinsel, my ALTG Lizard and Clementine my new leopard Gecko.  Tinsel is cool, but CLEMENTINE is BEAUTIFUL. And such a sweetheart.  She never bites and actually seems to like hanging out resting on you.  She is a Tremper Albino with pretty gold eyes (one winks though, and MAY be blind) and just such a cutie!  I love her so much already.  She is not too impressed with my mealworms though, and prefers crickets. Honestly though, even though I raise my own mealies so it is MUCH cheaper, I will give her WHATEVER she wants for now.  I am also going to try her on wax worms (she is a bit skinny and needs some fat) and of course baby Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches as I have THOSE in abundance and they are super healthy for her.

ANYWAY, last night, Christmas Eve was super fun too!  We spent the evening with the Ostleparkwells (Meg and T-La's fams) eating delicious soup, talking, and having BoyKid play with the little boys who so worship him.  He had fun too, don't worry.  He loves those kids! Plus they played Mario Party on the Wii so he wasn't exactly suffering. HA!  But also he is just such a great kid.  He is really patient with his little cousins and is a great example. Great example to ME too.  I love that boy.

Also, I LOVE MEGAN. I know that isn't a huge surprise or anything, I mean she is my bestest friend/cousin.  But I really ADMIRE her.  She has gone through so much hard stuff in her life, but is now becoming SUPER active in the Church (she, well WE, are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints... Mormon for those that have heard more about that.).  I know she still struggles (nope, I am not the only one... mental illness runs in our family) but she DOES it. She holds a calling even.  She is a stellar example to me, though some Sundays I just can't go and the Lord DOES understand that.  She is amazing and has come so far.  Her hubby, Jakey, isn't a member of our faith, he is Catholic, but he is SUCH a good person for her.  He adores her and supports her and encourages her in our church.  Marrying someone of a different culture or religion can be so hard, but they are 2 people I see making it work best they can.  They are both awesome.

Also, another aspect of awesomeness Megs is like a fiberwork PHENOM.  She can knit ANYTHING!  Like seriously anything.  Monsters, Hermit Crabs, and, for Christmas she is making me some red knitted SHOES!  They are SUPER cute.  She is A-MAZING.  Anyway, enough about her, back to me (JK) Ha!

BoyKid is in the livingroom wailing on the Paper Jamz I gave him.  It can do real chords so he can play it like his real guitars.  He is so talented.  I am seriously surrounded by the coolest people.  That is probably the best part of Christmas (I mean, yes, we remember the birth of Jesus and THAT is the most IMPORTANT, but the FUNNEST part is family.  And it is ALMOST as important, I mean, that's why Christ did it all... so that we could stay with our family together forever.).  I have great family and friends and pets. I am so grateful for all of my blessings. And gift cards.

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