Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Puffles aren't Popples

Yesterday was so funny.  Today, less so.  So good news first.

Gabe, T-La's oldest, had some woodworking projects to do for his Cub Scout badge and PaDray, being good at those type things (carpentry and such), got asked to help him.  He was THRILLED.  I think he had a lot more fun than poor Gabe who really wanted to play with BoyKid like his brothers were.  They also brought their "Puffles" to show us.  I was hoping I had heard wrong and they had brought POPPLES, but then I realized it was 2010 not 1985.

Puffles are from Disney's Club Penguin and are NOT "pals who pop out of pockets."

But I love those boys.  I don't have nieces or nephews but being their "CousAunt" makes me feel like I do.  They were hilarious.  Eli was dancing to Justin Bieber for us, his main "move" being cartwheels.  Sort of break-dancing. Mostly like gymnastics. But MOST like jumping around like a kook. SO funny and cute.

And Gabe did awesome on his pinewood Derby car display and picture frame.

And then there was TODAY. BLEH.  Had to wake up early for a root canal. SO that hurts.  Then a psych evaluation for Medicaid so that's sad in another way.

But now I am just sitting around watching Toy Story 3 (which is GREAT) with the family. but hurting.  But still it was something I needed to do... my tooth was hurting pretty dang bad.

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