Monday, September 27, 2010

Ola's Birthday and My Headache... I heart the first, hate the 2nd

Today is Olakunlemi's birthday.  I meant to do something, like make him a movie or something but I haven't had the energy.  Even though I am drinking Coke everyday.(I am PRESCRIBED Caffeine for my low spinal fluid. I am not JUST an addict. ;) The tests did not find a leak, though. I am just "naturally" low.)  This headache is sort of sucking the life out of my... LIFE.

Anyway, I think I will at least call him.

Yup, called him. LOVE him. He is such a sweet man.  He said he was expecting my call, because he knew I would remember his birthday. It wasn't a long talk but it was a good one. SIGH.

After we talked I went to a doctor's appointment (a stupid one.) then laid down to listen to Pirates! which is really good despite the lame name.  Came back to finish this little entry (nothing earth-shattering, I know) and then I think I'll lay down with the book again.  Tired of feeling like crap.  Tomorrow I am getting a "Transferaminal," one of those scary epidurals up into my brain to try and get rid of this headache.  I really, really hope it works this time.

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