Sunday, September 12, 2010

Low on Fluid, should I check my oil too?

So, after my spinal tap results returned they determined that I don't have MS, West Nile, or any other crazy thing they tested for. What I did have was very low spinal fluid.  They think I may be leaking out spinal fluid either from a crack along the spine or in the brain.  Anyway, they are going to test me all over and find the leak so they can patch it.  I go in to the hospital for those next Wednesday.  In the meantime I am on heavy pain meds, sleeping all day mostly.

EXCEPT for last night. Last night I went to a concert! One of my favorite bands, Colors.  Colors hasn't made a new CD in YEARS but they did, a little short 5 song one, but still good things.  I went with the sybs as Rinny and I got BoyKid totally hooked on them though they were before his time. They ended the concert covering Hey Jude, so that especially made me happy. Colors and The Beatles=JOY.

Now, it would have been awesome if I could have done all that with out the dizziness of my meds and the lingering headache, but I need to be grateful I ever get to leave the house.  Right now just feeling really frustrated with life in general.  Major Celestial Homesickness, you know?  But, yeah. Good tunes.

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  1. Glad you got to have a little fun amidst all the other...not fun-ness.