Wednesday, September 29, 2010

HOLY CRAP. Bad day.

Yesterday was one of the worst in my life.  The first half was annoying. The second half was HORRID.  Here is why. I woke up early to a phone call from a lady from APHIS of the USDA.  Me doing Critters 2 Go is breaking the law. FEDERAL LAW.  I don't have a license to exhibit animals. And until I fill out a lot of papers and have my *house* inspected and get an attending veterinarian for all mammals (Fable, Heber, Lilo, and Nani.) to write out health certificates for them and pay some, possibly a lot, of money this tiny business that I am so proud of is kaput.


But that was just the beginning.  Somehow amid the conversation it turned into my OTHER job and she told me that THEY don't have a license.  So, now I am out one job, a whistle-blower on another for which I am scared to death I am going to lose my real job over. WHISKEY TANGO FOXTROT.

Oh, it GETS WORSE. So I am stressing about this on my way to Dr. YeahBaby.  He is going to help my headaches by doing that scary Transferaminal thing like a few years ago, which is scary but if it will work, I am game. Only after we are all ready and I am in one of those delightful gowns with no backs, we TALK about said headache.  He thinks something else might work better.  Drip pain meds into my nose which is pretty much awesome even though it feels like drowning it is WAY less risky than the thing.with the spine. 

Except then, at the end I reacted badly to those meds.  I got dizzier than I ever have in my life, anytime I moved my head in the slightest I threw up and fell down.  They had to take me to the car in a wheelchair and I was vomiting all the way.  Padre had to carry me in the house (and I didn't stop throwing up then either.)  I landed in my bed and lay in a semi-fetal position, moving at all, like looking across the room, or reaching for a water knocked me down, left me retching.  So I didn't move the whole day. I had to be taken to the bathroom (didn't stop throwing up) but other than that, just lay in one place and threw up.  It FINALLY subsided some time this morning.  Still not good, but I can walk to the bathroom unattended if I am careful and drink apple juice.  So, yeah, never doing THAT again. EVER.

P.S. my headache only stopped for a few hours, that whole time. 

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