Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Strict Bookrest Says the doctor! Hee hee!

*SIGH* So a good book can REALLY help you survive the boredom of bedrest.  But I JUST finished Mockingjay and I am still sort of soaking it in and it feels weird starting something silly like Bree Tanner's Half Life or whatever it's called.  MAYBE Love is a Many Trousered Thing. I have those and a few others awaiting me in a little pile in my room.

But I am not supposed to walk around yet, so instead I am watching some inane Disney Channel movie Princess Protection Program. Holy lame. And I am BOOOOOORED.  I also have no results yet on when and if I am leaking out   So until I have answers or this powerful headache STOPS... I am stuck being bored in a bed with the freaking Disney Channel.

I need something to eat AND a book before I go nuts.

TOO LATE! I HAVE gone nuts! I seriously just spent 15 minutes laughing at those emergency shoes "Fast Flats!"  WHO keeps spare shoes in their purse?! HA HA HA HA!

Oh and speaking of being prepared, I just finished another article on Emergency preparedness for exotic pets.  I really am enjoying writing in more of a journalism sense rather than just blogging.  It's fun, and EVENTUALLY I will get a little money from it (as long as they are BEING READ, HINT HINT.  Subscribe to me!!!)


  1. I thought those fast flats were an AWESOME idea... trust me.... ;)

  2. Bob, I love your blog, even if I do just stock you once in a while. I thought Mockingjay was interesting, what did you think? Hope you feel better. :)