Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter! Happy Conference! Happy in general for a change!

This has been a great week.  Wednesday through Friday was 4-H Leadermete and I learned all kinds of crafts and skills. Saturday morning was the beginning of General Conference. Saturday night we (Mom, Rinny, and BoyKid) had a little Easter party with Megs and Jake. And today, Sunday, is EASTER, the celebration of the Lord's gift to us... and General Conference, a time to sit at the feet of the Lord's own prophets!  VERY fitting.  And all week I have been writing, and falling deeper for Ola, MyNigerian. I am haoppily twitterpated for this wonderful guy.

Things I learned at Leadermete:

Garden Stepping Stones. This was fun and not too difficult and we totally plan to teach this at a day camp at some point.  Mine is a star turned sugar glider.

Basket Making. THIS is my basket! I am proud of it. I like how it turned out though I admit I will not likely do it again, nor teach it.  Well, maybe the skill in another way... paper or ribbon baskets but not real reeds. TOO much work.

Wednesday Night we went on a 2 hour mission at the Christa McAuliffe Space Center!  We had SO MUCH FUN. Oh and we succeeded too, on our mission. Saved the 15 Red Berets! GO PHOENIX!

Thursday Morning, Rinny and I went to Beginning Yoga. OH MY HELL. Yeah, that did not work out so well for me. Pain. Lots of pain.  Still feeling it. Not "ah that hurts so good" either... just OW OW OW! But ummm, Kudos to those who love it. For me? FAIL.

Project Wild Activities. Project Wild is a great program. I think I would like to certify in it.

Beginning Quilling. One class and I am HOOKED. This is one hobby I am picking up FOR SURE and continuing with as well as teaching kids eventually. Quilling, or paper filigree, is SO FUN. This was my little quilled picture.  (It is not great, and rather simple, but it is my first remember!)

Beginning Needle Felting. This is another I plan to do again and again. Finally a sewing/knitting needlework type thing that I can do! STABBING colors into it! VIOLENT yet pretty. NICE.  I made a Demon Sheep named Mortimer. He was supposed to be a pin cushion, but he is mostly just a toy. I also made a wool bookmark with a flying sugar glider on it.  I really like needle felting!  I need to get some wool from work and do some more. I want to do a gnome. It was Megs' idea. I LOVE that idea!  She is a genius at all things yarn.

Thursday night we had an awards ceremony banquet. The entertainment was Vocal Point. They were good. Rinny knew some boys in Vocal Point back in the day. The Sacketts her "2nd Family" were in it.

4-H Goat Program. Stiffened my resolve to own a goat, holy cow.  And for it to enter "Working Goat" competitions. They are the same stuff as dogs do in Agility Training!!!!

MEANT to go to Robotics to get better at our Lego Robotics program we teach at work but I got a murderous migraine and just could not stay. That was no good.

Scrapbooking Photo Cubes. I have place holders for my pictures except for one of Jack but that was fun. I have sides for Lilo, Epiphany, Heber, Jack, Bratanik, and Tortuga. (As they are my BABIES where as my fish, crabs, lizard, and frogs... well, they are my babies too but not My Babies like the gliders, turtles, and gecko.)

Self-Massage to De-Stress Your Life. With my stupid left hand still hurting in it's stupid splint this just didn't work at all. OW.

OH and get this! At the silent auction I won a CRICUT!  I still don't know how to use it right, BUT I think it is going to be invaluable to my church calling and doing my posters!

THAT was Leadermete and it was just great.  Yay for 4-H! I LOVE MY JOB!

LDS GENERAL CONFERENCE was AWESOME.  I felt like so many of the talks were truly meant for me. I LOVE the Gospel of the Lord, Jesus Christ.  I love my family and my friends. I am so thankful to be in this church and have a chance to learn and grow. It was just SUCH a good conference. The Atonement is such a wonderful and powerful gift.  Easter is so great.

Last night Megan and Jake came over during the priesthood session. We all talked about Conference  We also went to Noodles and Co for pasta for dinner with Rinny.  When my Dad and brother came back from priesthood we all watched The Blind Side and dyed eggs. We had so much fun.

This morning the fam got up and watched Conference together and had a special breakfast. Rinny and Mom made pancakes into eggs and bunnies. HA HA!  Conference was so good.

We also watched a special on the Touring of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.  The whole time I thought of MyNigerian and what an amazing singer and how he wants to be in MoTab.  So I PICTURED him singing and being in it and it made me smile.  I think whenever he finally CAN come to the US he should audition! I think that would be amazing and even though I know it is very hard to get in, I think he SHOULD try.

I think I may be in L-O-V-E with Ola.

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