Sunday, March 28, 2010

Happy Happy Joy Joy!

I have had a difficult week.  Work, though I like it a LOT, has been stressful. My left wrist is in a splint for 6 weeks because of SOMEHOW killing it at the family women's retreat.  And my headaches have been kicking my butt lately.  Besides my regular battle (and oh, indeed it is a full-scale BATTLE) with Depression. 

HOWEVER, some very happy things!  So here they are, this week's happy thoughts!

The Penguins

Yes, the ADORABLE Gentoo Penguins have ARRIVED at The Living Planet Aquarium!  They are so cute! Megs and I went to the members only (which reminds my, my membership will expire next month. I will DEFINITELY be renewing. They aquarium is a fun place and membership is a great way to do it... very cheap, compared to how often I go after my Dentist appointments.) Sneak Peak of the penguins and we had a blast.  The penguins were darling, the rest of the aquarium was fascinating as usual, and it was SOOOOOOO GREAT to hang out with my favorite cousin/bestfriend.  We talked and just hung out and I am so proud of her going to church and stuff and we talked about that.  It is good to have her as an example for when things get hard for ME to go.

Today was a hard day for me at church as I felt too sick and had to leave right after the sacrament. Days like that, when I can't complete even the simplest of goals really frustrate me. It's like that machine that fights against itself I just saw on Instructables
 It made me laugh because I could really relate to that little box!  Especially Sundays because I want so badly just to be able to go and enjoy church.  But like you said, at least the Lord knows my desires and that helps.  I believe He blesses me to be able to at least partake of the sacrament.

JanBrady's Baptism

Yesterday was great though. Squall, well yesterday her little girl, JanBrady, who comes to play at my house a lit because she loves all my animals, was baptized.  Squall is a single mom of 2 little girls now (JanBrady and MiniSquall) and has worked so hard to bring them up in the Church.  So I was proud of her, and of JanBrady, too of course to make that decision!  Baptisms are so happy! I love those little girls and am so glad that they are already following Jesus in this life!  And baptisms make me think about happy times from the Mission, a time I often miss in my life. (Apparently a lot, as last night I dreamed I was hanging out with Coats and Parker.)

A Letter from MyNigerian

LE SIGH! For serious. His letters... GOOD LETTER WRITER that one! Which is handy since, you know, he is a bazillion miles away and I like him a LOT.  He is just... SIGH. I am so twitterpated.  He is so cool. I can finally pronounce his whole name by the way, which is an accomplishment!

So there you go. THOSE are the happy days this week.  Good ones, eh?  Anyway, pics to come later.

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  1. thanks for the linkage to the aquarium. i think it's going on the list of things to do while moe and kiddo are off over spring break ... though it will probably be i.n.s.a.n.e.