Friday, April 16, 2010

31 and more than that butterflies

I am here at work writing a 3 hour daycamp on butterflies for 5 year olds. That's a lot on butterflies! We are making butterflies out of coffee filters, butterflies out of paper plates and toilet paper rolls, butterflies out of paint, catapillars out of paper chains, and the catapillar to butterfly life cycle out of pasta.. and ourselves. TOO MANY BUTTERFLIES for one day!

A few days ago I turned 31. THIR-TEE-WON! Whiskey Tango Fox Trot?! I'm old. (However, I have a super awesome boyfriend, so I don't much care. (Yes, MyNigerian)) But the day was pretty awesome.  My mom, BoyKid, Rinny and I went to Macaroni Grill for lunch. YUMMY!  Then, I went with the sybs to Color Me Mine. I made a gnome and a light switch cover for my glider room.
Then my whole fam went that night to Divine Comedy and laughed our heads off.

So there you go... my day. And my birthday and yes, I am still sickeningly in love with MyNigerian.

OH! And I got 3 new hermit crabs! That brings my new colony to 5! Maroon 5, Weezer, Archie McPhee, Jack, and Tolei!  They are all quite characters, too!

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