Sunday, April 25, 2010

This week I was on top of a chair trying to get something from my glider room and I got dizzy and fell off the chair and into my shelves.  I hurt my shoulder pretty badly. I may have torn something... I am getting it checked out. Also twisted my ankel and hurt my wrist worse.  Luckily all of this was my left side so I am not completely incapacitated or anything, just pretty gimpy and REALLY hurting.

WHY am I such a klutz?!

Anyway, we will see if my shoulder is pulled (I hope.) or torn later this week.

Now I am watching Jungle Book with little bro, BoyKid who has moved home for the summer (And I am still living both places).  I have a major headache though. So I am hurting in lots of ways right now and my mind is elsewhere (okay, I admit it. It's on MyNigerian..)

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