Wednesday, April 21, 2010

keeping dating rules

If one of my friends said THEY were "in love" with some guy from Nigeria and wanting him to immigrate to the US I would think they were at best jumping the gun and moving to fast at Worst being played by a dangerous scammer.  SO I honestly understand the feelings of my friends, and love them for worrying.

HOWEVER, I'm not going anywhere, I'm not sending him any money, (nor has he asked me to) and all this will likely be over the next year or 2 so not THAT fast. 

Also, my rules, my dating rules, have only been BENT not broken.  Still require meeting and dating in person before anything in person. I just happen to believe strongly, and yes, I have been praying about it and feel as though I should most assuredly continue this relationship, that it WILL be serious and don't think it's that big of a deal to call him my boyfriend.  All it does is makes us more, well "exclusive" and and I know I am not wanting anyone else.

Anyway, just wanted to clarify a few things.