Saturday, March 20, 2010

delightfully crushy after a family reunion... don't worry, those things aren't connected

I spent this weekend on a "family women's retreat" which was really basically a big sleepover for a lot of cousins, aunts, etc. at my  It was fun, really!  Granted, having a headache and feeling sick (my status quo) during it was NOT fun, but it was pretty nice to see (and in the case of some of the little ones meet for the first time) relatives.  I was really glad that Squall came! I like her a lot.  I am excited, too, for next weekend when her funny, animal-loving daughter, JanBrady, will be baptized. I LOVE that kid!  Squall and I played a mean game of air hockey there, I tell ya... but that is not how I hurt my wrist, it was hurt before. (Still, she clobbered me. And she still sucked, so I, like, UBER-Sucked). We all played Bunco because I swear that IS our family game, well, the women. The men, I guess would have to be golf.  But we also did white elephany gifts and I got 3 inch heels (HA HA!) and Rinny got this pillow one of the cousins made IN the 70s that will definitely come back again as a white elephant at the next party. It is freaking awesome, though. Like SO ugly it's cool and packed with PACKING PEANUTS. Got to meet the new and CUTEST little cousin's baby they just adopted, Lexi.  She was darling.

I also found out that not ONE but TWO of my FAVORITE cousins were in line trying out for The Biggest Loser this morning.  If EITHER Vance or Jake gets on, well, I will actually WATCH the show for one thing. But for another I will just have them in my prayers not to DIE.  I mean, geez, I feel like we almost lost Jakey when he was in the hospital with an infection, they better not let him get hurt!!! :(

In other news, I have gone full-on swoony for MyNigerian.  Yes, I like a guy from Nigeria. In Spain. We have been chatting awhile, and no, I am not an idiot and no, he is not one of those... at ALL. Actually, he is pretty much my hero in the way he holds the priesthood and feels about the church in general. And he is sweet. And funny. And cute. And kind.  And we were talking for awhile today so I am sort of on a high right now, but still, yeah. *LE SIGH* MyNigerian.

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