Saturday, March 6, 2010

Playing House

In my own house this past week has been... hard.  I want so badly for it to feel normal and good and happy but the thing is your problems follow you no matter which of your beds you sleep in.  This I know, but it doesn't make it more frustrating.  I WANT TO FEEL HAPPY AND HEALTHY! I have to settle for, well, getting a few things done.

*Poster for April Relief Society thing (except for the e's... as I ran out of those stickers, in that font, and have to wait for more. Grr) - I am publicity person, that is my church job.
*Found a new source for my Brazilian Cheese Rolls! Thank you, Good Earth!
*Visited world's coolest half friendly/half feral cat, Cali.  She made me feel pretty happy for awhile. :)  And I am not a cat-PERSON per say. She even impresses Cat-HATERS (like Padre.  He loves her, and I don't think he has ever even wanted a cat to not DIE before.) Yay Cali!

I just get sick of feeling like I am only PLAYING house in my own apartment. My own life, really.  No control.

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  1. Do you watch that show "Clean House"? I remember they featured someone whose house was a mess because she says she never "moved-in" her new place psychologically, so she never felt the need to keep the house in order. lol! I hope that never happens to you! :)

    By the way before you start to think I'm a crazy animal hater - I think the cat in your photo has a really interesting fur pattern! I like dogs more than cats though. We have several Yorkies at home. :)